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For Android

Congratulations on your purchase of FingerSmoke for Android by Aniviza! With FingerSmoke you now have a virtual fire chamber right on your screen, an interactive particle physics simulation of smoke, air currents, and OMG FIRE! If you liked lava lamps back in the hippie days, you're going to have hours of fun with FingerSmoke.

Your finger sprays a hot aerosol of fuels which instantly ignite and send billowing clouds of green and purple haze, undulating smoke plumes and jets of flame may ignite the edges of the screen, usually the bottom but they can crawl up the sides. At first only a few wisps of smoke will follow your finger, as the chamber becomes more saturated with fumes, the smoke starts to build up, and pretty soon you've got an inferno on your hands, well in one hand at the least.

The FingerSmoke window is invisible, so you can for example take a photo and make it your home screen background, then set it ablaze. Drop an air burst over your favorite city skyline and watch as the fireball makes a billowing mushroom cloud and sets the ground on fire!